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Oxygen4life was originally established in Robina in 2013. Dr Reza Samvat’s hyperbaric journey began much earlier.

Dr Reza Samvat, a chiropractor with a special interest in integrative health using functional neurology, sleep medicine, learning and behaviour was introduced to the benefits of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy by a colleague in Adelaide in 2002. Upon his relocation to Queensland, Dr Samvat was involved in establishing the Oxygen4Life Clinic on the Gold Coast in 2013 ( formerly Gold Coast Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic).

Over the years, hundreds of individuals have been assisted with HBOT. Our mission is to contribute to the lifelong wellbeing of individuals through educating them about the health benefits of oxygen under pressure.

We look forward to assisting you on your HBOT journey to improve your health.


Oxygen 4 Life is certified with the International Bureau of Undersea Medicine as an approved Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy centre providing state-of-the-art oxygen chambers that enable you and your body to feel relieved and rejuvenated. Our technicians are fully trained in compliance with ATMO and IHA (International Hyperbaric Association) and IBUM

Oxygen 4 Life, an Inspiring Experience

Immerse yourself in the power of oxygen. We are conveniently located in Clear Island Waters in Gold Coast, Australia. Our registered hyperbaric facilities are comfortable and easily accessible to both able bodied and those with disabilities including wheel chair access. Our chambers are only the safest on the market and equipped to not only meet, but exceed all safety standards in the field. A library of movies for entertainment and chambers equipped for music play. Our nurses are expert operators with years of experience in patient care. 

We look forward to assisting you on your HBOT journey to improving your health.