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Booking and Fees

Initial Risk Assessment & Consultation

  • Your initial appointment includes A comprehensive health history assessment required to qualify for Tier 2 Medical Grade chambers & A consultation with clinic director Dr Reza Samvat DC

Orientation, Trial & Tubing

  • Your initial trial will assess your ability for ear equalisation Comfortability at atmospheric pressure up to 3.0 ATA. 

Progress Review

  • To monitor your ongoing progress, you will receive a progress review after every  20 Hours upon completion of your program

Individual Session

  • Our pay as you go rate applies to all single sessions where a bundle has not been paid in full.



$25060 min
Our pay as you go rate applies to all single sessions
where a bundle has not been paid in full.

Oxygen Bundles

10 Hour Bundle

$2200 @ $220 Per Hour

( 20% OFF )

SAVE $1750

20 Hour Bundle

$4000 @ $200 Per Hour

( 20% OFF )

SAVE $3750

What’s next ?

The following forms need to be completed by the patient prior to the initial consultation. These forms can either be downloaded, filled in and brought with you to the consultation. ​If you are not sure of your medical history, please have your General Practitioner complete the form.

How to Prepare

The monoplace chambers are pressurised with oxygen. So, just by being in the chamber and breathing in and out, you will receive extra oxygen. We give you an air break from the oxygen through a mask at the middle point of your treatment.

How often will I have my treatments?

Most patients have treatment 3-4 times per week for  average 10-40 sessions , Monday to Friday. Some interstate or long distance patience may require special arrangements which will be discussed with the clients individually based on their condition.

After reviewing your medical condition, we will discuss the treatment plan suited to your needs. Our trained health care provider will explain the purpose and expected results of your hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We will contact you with your appointment dates.

Will the changes in the hyperbaric chamber pressure cause any pain or discomfort?

Compression phase (when the chamber pressure is increased)

During this phase, oxygen is being added to the chamber and being pressured to meet the required treatment pressure. The compression of the oxygen will make the temperature slightly warmer. Also during compression, you will feel fullness in your ears. It will feel the same as flying, scuba diving or coming down in an elevator.

  • Before you start your treatment, we will show you how to “clear” or “equalise” this pressure in your ears. If you feel pain, or have any trouble clearing your ears during your treatment, it is important to tell your attendant right away. The attendant will stop the pressurisation and help you.
  • If you are unable to clear your ears, we may recommend you to see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, where a simple procedure of placing tubes in your ears may be done. These tubes will stay in your ears while you are being treated at the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit to help stop pressure build-up in your ears.

Decompression phase (when the chamber pressure is decreased)

During this phase, the chamber pressure is safely being lowered back down to atmospheric pressure. At this time, the decompression of the oxygen will make the temperature cool off slightly. For this reason, we will give you sheets and blankets to keep you comfortable.

  • As the pressure in the chamber decreases, you may feel a “popping” sensation in your ears. This ear “popping” is normal. It sounds like “rice bubbles” and feels a bit odd. It does not hurt. Please continue to breathe normally. In this phase of your treatment, pressure equalisation in your ears will happen without you doing anything special

Sometimes, patients receiving daily hyperbaric treatments develop temporary changes in their eyesight. These are usually minor and make close up reading clearer. If this happens to you, your vision will usually return to normal within 4 to 8 weeks after you finish your treatment.

You must not smoke during the entire time that you are having hyperbaric treatment. Smoking decreases oxygen delivery to your tissues. When you smoke, the nicotine in the cigarette causes your small arteries to close or narrow.

This makes it impossible for blood to get to the tissues that need to heal. If blood does not get there, the oxygen does not get there. Even after smoking 1 cigarette, these small blood vessels can stay closed or narrowed for several hours.

For the majority of our patients, hyperbaric therapy is used to create new blood vessel growth in areas that have poor circulation. We need to keep these vessels open. The nicotine from smoking works against this. That is why we say: “No smoking!”

Please tell us if you are diabetic
Please let us know if you are on insulin (insulin dependent) or not (non-insulin dependent).

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment may drop your blood sugar. To have your treatment, your blood glucose reading must be a minimum of 10mmol/L. By changing your eating plan or your medications, we can help you to control this.

  • During your treatment, we may give you a calorie supplement, for example, we will give you juice to drink. You may find bringing a healthy snack along will be helpful.
  • We will need to know your glucose level before and after your treatment.
  • We may adjust your diabetes medication. For instance, we may ask that you decrease your morning diabetic medication or, wait to take it until after your treatment for the day is done.

Please tell the health consultant what medications you are taking. There are some medications that you cannot take during your hyperbaric therapy. We will work with you to deal with this. If you are on medication and you need to take it during your treatment time, please bring it to your appointment in its original labelled container. We will make arrangements for you to take it before or after your treatment.

“As A General Rule most drugs do not have any particular combined or synergistic effect with the compressed air or the increased oxygen partial pressure. Important exceptions exist. It is probably safe to assume that unless there are specific contraindications or precautions regarding use of a particular substance or compound under pressure it is safe to go ahead and administer it.”

No intramuscular injections are to be given immediately before or after each HBOT treatment as the intense constriction under pressure results in almost no drug absorption. Decreasing pressure (surfacing) would cause sudden drug absorption due to vasodilation. Injections are best administered 1 or 2 hours prior to or after each HBOT treatment.


If you get sick with a cold, flu, or sinus problem, you may not be able to clear your ears during pressure changes in the chamber. Please call the Hyperbaric Unit and talk with our staff. We may need to cancel your treatments until you are feeling better.

Visitors in the hyperbaric room

Visitors are not allowed in the Hyperbaric Unit treatment areas. However special arrangements for patients requiring carers will be considered on a case by case basis.  During your treatment, your family or friends may wait in the clinic waiting area. If a member of your family would like to see the Hyperbaric Unit, speak to one of our staff. We may be able to make arrangements for this.