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Benefits of HBOT

Outstanding Benifits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has demonstrated success in aiding patients with various off-label conditions. Over 120 globally acknowledged off-label indications has been identified & backed by numerous published medical studies.

In our Gold Coast Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy clinic, our clients benefit from the diverse health domains supported by HBOT, encompassing:

**While HBOT is not a cure for clients experiencing these conditions, they may benefit from alleviating their symptoms using HBOT as an adjunctive therapy.

Benefits of HBOT & Neuropathy

Neuropathy refers to nerve damage causing pain, numbness, or weakness, often due to injury, disease, or a range of health conditions affecting the peripheral nervous system.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy addresses:

Most Neurological Conditions occur due to a compromised circulation to the nerves. This impairs the nerves ability to receive oxygen & alters the optimum function of the brain & nervous system. HBOT has shown increase  oxygen absorption flooding the nervous system with the fuel it needs for optimum function.

Brain Recovery & Enhancement through HBOT

Image Reference: Journal Of Neurotrauma, 29(1),168-185 

Enhancing brain recovery and performance entails boosting our body’s oxygen intake—a vital nutrient crucial for brain healing. HBOT is the only proven method for increasing our oxygenation. HBOT assists brain conditions or trauma such as:

Activate the body’s innate natural healing benefits of HBOT

HBOT promotes a speedy recovery or assists:

Whether it’s the accumulation of small wounds and tissue damage over time (through aging), post-surgical healing, or the desire to stimulate and nourish stem cells, HBOT plays a vital role in expediting recovery and fostering regeneration onto a faster recovery and promotes regeneration.


Optimising Immune Neuropathy

A healthy immune system is crucial as it shields the body from infections, fights off diseases, and maintains overall well-being, serving as a formidable defence against pathogens and supporting optimal health and vitality.

Conditions that may benefit from HBOT

and others

Numerous invading pathogens in our bodies are anaerobic (oxygen-independent), while our beneficial probiotics thrive on oxygen. HBOT balances the immune system and microbiome by eradicating pathogens and nourishing healthy bacteria, fostering their survival and growth.

Managing Inflammation & Repairing Tissue

Autoimmunity is a condition where the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own cells and tissues. Normally, the immune system defends against harmful substances like bacteria and viruses. In autoimmunity, it recognises the body’s healthy cells as foreign, leading to inflammation and damage to tissues or organs. This can result in various autoimmune diseases affecting different parts of the body.

Some of these include:

and others…

HBOT helps calm inflammation, balancing the immune system and aiding tissue repair and healing in skin, nerves, joints, muscles, tendons, and the gut lining.

Anti Ageing

Aging is inevitable as the human body deteriorates over time. External factors can also speed up the aging process such as chronic inflammation, chronic stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, poor diet, poor sleep, malnutrition, and UV light exposure. 

Inside every one of our cells are copies of our DNA, where the instructions for life are contained. When a cell divides, the process of replicating the DNA cuts a little bit off the ends of our telomeres, resulting in a slightly imperfect copy.Each time a cell copies itself, telomeres keep the DNA intact throughout the process by keeping the DNA from getting entangled, damaged, or frayed, acting as a protective cap to prevent damage.

Wear and tear over decades shortens our telomeres to a point where they can no longer protect the DNA. When this happens, our cells break down and cease to function.The length of our telomeres acts as an internal indicator of aging in our cells.

A recent study of 35 people over the age of 64 found that 60 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy provided an additional 20% protection to the body’s telomeres, which protect our cells from toxicity and stress. This additional protection helps against cell damage that inevitably leads to aging.