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HBOT For Children


Our partnering clinic “Inspiring Choices 4 Kids“, recommends several modalities to assist children including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Several investigations into children facing developmental, behavioural, and neurological difficulties have identified indications of cerebral hypoperfusion (reduced blood and oxygen flow to the brain), neuroinflammation, gastrointestinal inflammation, immune dysregulation, oxidative stress, relative mitochondrial dysfunction, and neurotransmitter irregularities.

Notably, cerebral hypoperfusion in children has been associated with repetitive, self-stimulatory, and stereotypical behaviours, along with communication impairments. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been employed to address these challenges, aiming to counteract reduced blood flow by augmenting the oxygen content of plasma and body tissues.

HBOT may promote the healing process and aid in fighting infection. HBOT allows your child’s lungs to procure more oxygen, which increases oxygen levels in the blood. This increase in oxygen helps your child’s body regain proper levels of gases in the blood and increase tissue function.

Hyperbaric Oxygen may improve language, increases awareness, behaviour and socialisation. HBOT can be used for any age but a better effect is obtained with early intervention and any degree of disability.

Your child’s body is able to do its best healing when it is supplied with the resources it needs, like oxygen. HBOT helps the body gather and maintain these resources for optimal healing results. 

Studies related to HBOT & Children

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What is it like inside the HBOT chamber ?

While the hyperbaric chamber can come across as a little scary, many children tend to enjoy treatment, as long as they are taught to relieve pressure from their ears or are given something to chew or sip on while in treatment.

Apart from that, there is no discomfort that comes from receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy. As mentioned, some kids enjoy it even more than their parents.

As long as a child is able to sit or lie still, he or she can undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In most cases, a parent will accompany the child inside the hyperbaric chamber.

Some kids are confident enough to take treatment alone, with a parent sitting next to the chamber.

It’s important to put your child at ease, and explain that the pressurised sensation feels just like being in an airplane. When calm and prepared for the experience, children feel very comfortable in the hyperbaric chamber. 

We offer an extensive library of movies & music to occupy each patient during their session.

Is it safe For Children

Children receive the same benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as adults do.

It infuses pure pressurised oxygen into a child’s body which is carried to his or her tissues, blood cells, and organs to promote healing and boost performance.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is safe for children as young as 15 months, as long as they are able to sit or lay still in the hyperbaric chamber accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Just like an adult going through hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the child is able to benefit from the additional oxygenation that promotes healing in the body beyond its natural capabilities.

Unless your child has a pneumothorax or a collapsed lung, which is a contraindication for hyperbaric oxygen therapy at any age, hyperbaric oxygen is perfectly safe for a child.