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5 Key things to Understand about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Most people recognise hyperbaric chambers and immediately associate them with people suffering from the benz due to scuba diving incidents. But not many people realise, hyperbaric chambers have another very important role to play on a wider scale. Hyperbaric chambers are now used extensively around the world in a supportive context for many conditions.   […]

Not all Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are Created Equally.

Soft Chambers V’s Hard Chambers—What’s the difference? This is a question we get asked regularly and it’s time we gave a definitive answer, because not all Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are created equally. Patients need to make sure they are getting the “real deal.”   Over the last decade there seems to have been an increasing […]

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in management of pain, inflammation and fatigue.

Chronic pain is one of the most common clinical presentations in primary care settings, significantly influencing quality of life mental health and cognitive function of the individuals to just name a few. It is commonly accompanied by fatigue, non-restorative sleep and high levels of distress.   Pain complaints are defined as chronic when the complaints […]

Covid – 19 : What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe In Our Clinic

On behalf of everyone at Inspiring Choices & Oxygen4Life we hope you, your family and loved ones remain safe and well during these unprecedented times as the world faces the current coronavirus situation.​ The health and wellbeing of yourself, your family and the wider Inspiring Choices & Oxygen4Life family are our priority at this time, […]

“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reverses ageing in humans” – A recent 2020 study

“Ageing, which happens over time in humans, has been biologically reversed by hyperbaric oxygen therapy, according to new research published in the journal Aging.   “Since telomere shortening is considered the ‘Holy Grail’ of the biology of ageing, many pharmacological and environmental interventions are being extensively explored in the hopes of enabling telomere elongation,” said […]